2017 Events

Here is our 2017 Calendar of Events. You can click here for a printable version.

January 11th – New Year’s Theme Night
February 5th – Kids Singing in Worship
February 5th – CentriKid Deposit Due
February 11th – Ice Skating
February 15th – Valentine’s Theme Night
February 25th – I Love My Church Day
February 26th – Friend Day
March 8th – Disney Theme Night
March 25th – Bowling
April 2nd – Kids Singing in Worship
April 7th – Movie Night
April 16th Easter Sunday & Easter Egg Hunt
April 26th – Easter Theme Night
May 7th – Tannehill Service
May 20th – Roller Skating
May 24th – School’s Out Theme Night
June 14th – Sports Theme Night
June 25th – Kids Singing in Worship (VBS Kick-Off)
June 25th to June 29th – VBS Maker Fun FactoryJuly 9th – Centrikid Final Balance Due
July 12th – Superhero Theme Night
July 24th to July 28th – CentriKid
August 9th – CentriKid Celebration Night
August 13th – Kids Singing in Worship
August 18th – Water Wars
August 27th – Team Spirit Day
September 9th – Birmingham Zoo
September 20th – Star Wars Theme Night
October 11th – Glow in the Dark Theme Night
October 25th – Flint Hill Fall Festival
November 10th – Pizza Party & Game Night
November 15th – Iron Bowl Theme Night
November 29th – Hanging of the Greens Service
December 6th – Christmas Party
December 16th – Dress Rehearsal
December 17th – Christmas Play/Musical